Black Raiders™ uniforms

Hey! Here are the uniforms for Black Raiders.

member uniform:

non-member uniform:


8 Responses

  1. but I’m a girl my penguin is a girl, would I be aloud to have a wig instead of the gray hat?

  2. our sinture puffle is the black puffle almost all the leaders have the black puffle so onley the leaders can where the black puffle! oh yeah this mesige is from casey and this mesige will self desruct in 5 4 3 2 1 boooooooooooooooooom

  3. umm Casey I have a quistion about the meetings oh yeah this is to multiblazerboy too

  4. ok i got a tip for you itll help with war pics/uniform pics
    ok taking a pic males it look unperfesional (no offense) a better way to do it is instead of taking a pic with a camera hit print sceen (a botton on almost all keyboards unless u have a mac) it automatically copies a pic of whats on your screen
    then you just go to paint (or another editing progrm) and pressing paste
    then its just a matter of deleting the acsess stuff and only leaving the acul part you want
    good luck with this army

  5. nich if you want to type on any page our blog you have to join black raiders from:zack43701

  6. Message message: You can have a red,black or brown puffle if u don’t have enough money then u can have none

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