Black Raiders™

This is team Black Raiders. The leaders are Zack43701 and Blazerboy4. Zack43701   thought  of making a team and I (blazerboy4) tagged along. Our goal is to get alot of people to join and GET RID OF THE BLUE TEAM.

Our Song:(Beauty of Annihilation)


26 Responses

  1. I’m glad I finally listened to Casey

  2. casey>find me on club penguin daliy after shool at 2:40 on wesday 4:00 on evrey day i probly will not be on clubpenguin on sundays because i need to go on are boat to a man made iland made of sand and rock so see ya

  3. casey>oh yeah ill be on ice pond the sever on club penguin my penguin name is zack43701 so see ya

  4. blazerboy4> casey when i said that you could type i didnt mean like every day lol

  5. Sorry Casey but I don’t get home till like 5:00-7:00 so well I don’t even get on my laptop till like idk umm at least 8:30 at most not at all

  6. casey>oh dfkjhfbgdrhg

  7. casey>you just got powond

  8. casey>jc said hi to blazerboy123

  9. hey you speeled pnwed wrong

  10. umm wel I got a website but I’m confused I don’t know how to save things and stuff like that…..Please help me with it Multiblazerboy(sorry that I forgot your real name)I just snuck an account because my mom said not to make one( I don’t care what my mom says)so please help me. 🙂

  11. What the heck! What with the mean face I didn’t mean to I didn’t know! 😀

  12. This is freaking cool! The smiley things are cool because I LOVE smiley faces! lol 🙂

  13. oppsy sorry! 😀

  14. Oh yeah I forgot at the Black raiders meeting do you want me to wear the Black raidors unifrom or my causal outfit. 😀

  15. 😦 oww my tooth!


  17. Blazerboy4: OMG Guys cant you type on like the home page or something cause theres 18 comments on this!

  18. i now blazer boy from? ha ha fooled ya from casey next person that types on this page gets thair rank sent to recuite!

  19. my name is saoj im on team blue!

  20. there are meetings evrey saterday at 7:30 to 8:00 thx to evrey one thatgoes to these meetings

  21. ops blaze can you put a space beetwen that and goes plz

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