me and zack43701 have stopped playing club penguin, its crap, we play minecraft now and i have a new website. So  just leave this.NOW!!!!!


Check Black Raiders!

Hey Guys This is Blazerboy here Check out the black raiders link i added our song!

Just Read

>Casey: fellow Black Raiders blazerboy4 plans to shut down black raiders cause we only have a few your mission is to get as many people that live in your area that play clubpenguin to join black if you do not do that we will be a low life squad of black bandits.6 words of advice from me…never give up without a get on cp and fight for our freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We will now be having weekly meetings you know if there are new recruits or something. Please take this poll to find out where we should have them.I WILL RESET WEEKLY SO THE ONE WITH  THE HIGHEST AT THE END OF THE WEEK WINS.