Club Penguin funny pics!

Hey today i made a new subject caled Club penguin Funny pics! here are a few and i will more soon! (Click to enlarge the pictures)

     Click to enlarge

 I blend in with the water!


      My puffle has clothes!

     My penguin lives the live as a puffle!

     Im stranded!

     Im tipping the aqua grabber!

 Yeah go red!


 Club Penguin boat!

  ←your gonna need to enlarge this

 ok this ones just plain funny

 i’d click “yes”

lol your gonna need to enlarge this

 lol the sledding process

 lol poor guy

 enlarge this

 holy crap!

 the funest game on club penguin!

    the tribe!

 spongebob not-squarepants






  get away!

  ill join!

 help me!


 im fat?

 ultra fart!


Submitted by Penguinfan43(tyler):

 I got colors for my IPhone4!

 Igot the IPhone4!

I built a snow-castle!

The light went out.

My rainbow puffle!

My puffle has hats and hair!

Uploaded by Zack43701 (casey):

 Bad hair day!

 I found my brother

Thats all the funny pics for now! More coming soon!


8 Responses

  1. lol

  2. SOOOOO LOLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. so LOL i got banne from club penguin for no apparent reason!!!! i was talking to my friend and i said hey lets go sled racing and BOOM! i was banned. pretty weird. i hope that that doesnt happen ever again.

  4. Hey you! So what? I’m Mr. Wickels and I am a mad man who likes club penguin but your rubbish funny pics aint loading man! So hurry your team up! See ya?

    -Mr. Wickels

  5. there sick

  6. those pics were so funny

  7. lol but some of these are moist.

  8. looooooooooool

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