Join Black Raiders™

So you want to join? Just answer these 5 questions:

1.What is your penguin name?

2.Have you been in any wars?

3.Are you in the blue team? (optional)

4. Are you in red team?

5. If you answerd question 3 then what war was it?

Enter your answers below in the comments. ↓                                                                                                        


8 Responses

  1. 1.Penguinfan43





  2. 1.icefishface 2.yes 4.yes 5.I’ve been in the old cp vs. the new cp

  3. casey>plz join i know you want to plzzzzzzzzzzzzz join

  4. 1.saoj
    5.the great RPF war 2 “u now the second RPF VS CPC war”

  5. by the way im forth

  6. My army used to be named this.We were med. size.Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…

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